Greek NT Reading Partners

If you’re here, you probably already know about this, but just in case you don’t, a quick recap. I’m looking for people to form an online Greek NT reading and discussion group. Interested individuals sign up for projects, which are discrete portions of the GNT along with a set reading schedule. That way nobody has to make an indefinite commitment, and you can look at the project and schedule to decide if you want to be involved. My expectation would be that everyone who signs up for the project would be able to do most of the reading, and would participate in the discussion to whatever extent you feel comfortable, whether that’s asking lots of questions or making some observations.

A Proposed Project: Matthew 5-7 (Sermon on the Mount)

Matt. 5:1-12  —  2/22

Matt. 5:13-20  —  2/25

Matt. 5:21-32 — 2/28

Matt 5:33-48 — 3/3

Matt. 6:1-15 — 3/6

Matt 6:16-24 — 3/9

Matt 6:25-34 — 3/12

Matt 7:1-12 — 3/15

Matt 7:13-29 — 3/19 (extra day for St. Patty’s and a long assignment)

I’m open to suggestions both as to the project and the scheduling. I think this passage is medium difficulty. The scheduling as it stands is likely to be slow for advanced readers but challenging for anyone who isn’t in a habit of reading Greek. For those advanced readers, this passage presents some great opportunities for digging through both for OT and synoptic parallels.

Discussion: Anything that’s relevant is welcome. Grammar, syntax, parallels, theology, discourse analysis, text criticism, etc. It’s not expected that all the readers will be on the same page on all issues.

Text/Typing: I will be posting the NA27  text (BNT in Bibleworks). Greek should be posted in unicode. You can copy-paste from a unicode Bible here. In addition, you may want to install a Greek unicode keyboard on your computer so you can type in Greek. Instructions here. Also, be sure to visit this page for lots of useful Greek tools.

Signup: In the next few days, based on feedback, I will finalize the project and make a new post. You can sign up just by leaving a comment and subscribing to my blog. 😉

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  1. I’m in.

  2. I’m in.

  3. OK. I think there are a few more who are going to be participating as well. See the new post, which is just the finalized schedule.

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