Greek Project Finalized

Here is the finalized reading project. I figure a month is about the right time to commit to something new. We’ll see if a blog is a good format for this; if not, I’ll move to something like Google Groups. Anyway, I’m excited and grateful to know that there are people in this world who really want to read and discuss Greek.

Εν τͅη καρδιᾳ μου εκρυψα τα λογια σου ̔οπως αν μη ̔αμαρτω σοι (Ps. 118:11 LXX)

Matthew 5-7 (Sermon on the Mount)

Matt. 5:1-12  –  2/22

Matt. 5:13-20  –  2/25

Matt. 5:21-32 — 2/28

Matt 5:33-48 — 3/3

Matt. 6:1-15 — 3/6

Matt 6:16-24 — 3/9

Matt 6:25-34 — 3/12

Matt 7:1-12 — 3/15

Matt 7:13-29 — 3/19 (extra day for St. Patty’s and a long assignment)

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  1. Are we supposed to wait until the due date to start discussing?

    • Yes, that way the discussion gets put under the right post. I’ll probably put up the post the night before.

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