Samuel Davies on the Two Kingdoms

Reformed theology expresses the contrast between two kingdoms, the kingdom of Christ (the Church) and the kingdom of the world (secular institutions, particularly government). There is overlap, since all Christians are also citizens of a secular people. God ultimately rules both kingdoms, but differently. One key distinction between the kingdoms is their different weapons:

Other kingdoms are often founded in blood, and many lives are lost on both sides in acquiring them. The kingdom of Christ, too, was founded in blood; but it was the blood of his own heart: life was lost in the conflict; but it was his own; his own life lost, to purchase life for his people. Others have waded to empire through the blood of mankind, and even of their own subjects, but Christ shed only his own blood to spare that of his soldiers…. How amiable does his character appear, in contrast with that of the kings of the earth!

Other kings have their arms, their swords, their cannons, and other instruments of destruction; and with these they acquire and defend their dominions. Jesus, our king, has his arms too, but O! of how different a kind! The force of evidence and conviction in his doctrine, attested with miracles, the energy of his dying love, the gentle, and yet efficacious influence of his holy spirit; these are the weapons with which he conquered the world. His gospel is the great magazine from whence his apostles, the first founders of his kingdom, drew their arms; and with these they subdued the nations to the obedience of faith.

The above excerpt is originally from Samuel Davies’ sermon, “The Mediatorial Kingdom and Glories of Jesus Christ,” partially reprinted in David VanDrunen, Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms.

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